Nice and slow

April 6, 2018 Friday

7:56 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!
8:04 AM Phil
Good morning!  Happy Friday!

9:28 AM Sassy
Wholesome Fresh store in Harvard Square is finally open – nice deli/grocery store!

7:17 PM Phil
Little snack

[photo of his erect cock]
7:18 PM Sassy
7:18 PM Phil
: )
Feeling Randy
7:20 PM Sassy
I had an Italian sub but I’d rather have you!
I’d eat it nice and slow
7:31 PM Phil
Way I like it. Was just thinking about you. Thought I’d share
7:32 PM Sassy
Always lovely to know that. and see the results!
Makes my insides woogle
8:31 PM Phil
I don’t mind seeing your goodies either : )  
8:32 PM Sassy
I hear ya… too bad I’m totally brain dead.  Maybe tomorrow…
10:23 PM Phil
[Emoticons – praying hands, smiling, hand over lips, kissing]

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