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March 25, 2018 Sunday

6:19 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!  Have a superb Sunday!
8:10 AM Phil
Good morning. Happy Palm Sunday.
9:00 AM Sassy

4:26 PM Sassy

Yummy treats at Greek Corner in North Cambridge
Avegolemono soup
Taramousalata dip with pita

8:36 PM Sassy
Enjoyed seeing the North Cambridge Family Opera’s show “Weedpatch” tonight! So many talented kids and parents in a show about an era in history I had not known!

11:46 PM Sassy
This article has easy-to-follow steps to unhook your FB from its apps that leak data. I didn’t have many, and I had unchecked the option to share my friends list etc. on all but two. They also show how to keep your FB friends from sharing your data.  Not sure if it makes any difference but it made me feel a bit safer!

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