Gaslight Brasserie du Coin

March 24, 2018 Saturday

6:08 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!

6:35 AM Sassy

New England Patriots lend team plane to take Parkland students, families to Washington for March for Our Lives rally

7:00 AM Phil
Damn! Up early! Good morning!

11:00 AM Sassy
Birthday brunch for my older sister and her beau @ Gaslight Brasserie du Coin, a French bistro in Boston’s South End. C’est magnifique!

The tres French interior at Gaslight
Even more French!
Cinnamon walnut coffee cake
Julia Child’s raspberry shortbread, course 1 
on the prix fixe brunch menu that’s $11.95 for this, 
juice, coffee and an entree!
Croque-Madame: Ham & gruyere sandwich 
with bechamel, fried egg & frites
Vanilla French Toast – With apple caramel & syrup
Side of bacon… nom nom nom
My Crepes Parisienne wiith smoked ham, compte cheese, 
sunny up egg & mornay sauce
Escargots with parsley, garlic butter, toasted breadcrumbs
French Onion Soup with truffled beef short rib
Mousse au Chocolat with whipped cream, 
orange & almond tuiles

1:23 PM Sassy
Following the #Marchforourlives coverage from around the world on CNN… so many moments one right after another are blowing me away – 

  • the Parkland students poignantly remembering their classmates, 
  • an 11 year old little girl speaking on the main stage in DC voicing the names of black students lost in her school, 
  • Audra Day singing “Rise Up,” 
  • small children in Australia with “Graduation not graves” signs… 
  • thousands and thousands and thousands of people marching, chanting, carrying signs… simple, elegant and I hope, transforming our country.

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