A Wrinkle In Time

March 11, 2018 Sunday

8:16 AM Sassy
Good morning!   Hope you’re enjoying Daylight Savings time.

8:22 AM Phil
That video with Josh Groban and Ellen was awesome!
They actually sounded pretty good!
Good morning to you! Enjoy the day!

10:42 AM Sassy
Seeing the movie “A Wrinkle In Time” at Assembly Row

12:43 PM Phil
What did you think?

1:34 PM Sassy
Not sure who this movie was made for but it wasn’t me. Has its moments. Good to know what the fuss is about.

3:28 PM Sassy

Delightful dim sum at Mary Chung in Central Square Cambridge

Suan la chow show
Yu shiang eggplant and chicken with veggies
Small steamer pork buns with ginger soy sauce

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