Early morning chat

March 3, 2018 Saturday
Yahoo Chat 
Tim 8:38 AM
Anybody home?
I hope you were not washed away in the last high tide
Sassy 8:38 AM 
You there?
Tim 8:38 AM 
yes I am
Sassy 8:38 AM 
Tim 8:38 AM 
how are you this morning
Sassy 8:39 AM 
I’m chipper! You?
Tim 8:39 AM 
want to catch my last dream
Sassy 8:40 AM 
Can you go back to bed?
Tim 8:40 AM 
no, i’m up
I just wanted to finish with that beautiful woman in my dream
Sassy 8:41 AM
Sexy stuff?
Tim  8:41 AM
yeah, it was you
Sassy 8:42 AM 
Tim 8:43 AM 
how about you, sleep well?
Sassy 8:43 AM 
Tim  8:43 AM 
any dreams
Sassy 8:43 AM 
Not that I recall…
Did you get snow?
Tim 8:44 AM 
no snow here
Sassy 8:44 AM 
Tim 8:44 AM 
lots of down trees and had a brief power outage
how about you
Sassy 8:45 AM 
very wet and windy, watched friends post about trees down and power out but nothing here
Friend in Rochester has TWO FEET of snow
Tim 8:45 AM 
Rochester NY or New Hampshire?
Sassy  8:46 AM 
I had a chat with my pal who works at the National Hurricane Center
He said this was a “fascinating storm”
Such a weather geek
Tim 8:47 AM 
well I’m a sex geek
Sassy 8:47 AM 
I’m so glad!
Tim  8:47 AM 
but, how are you today
Sassy  8:47 AM 
I’m peachy keen
Tim 8:48 AM 
everything going your way
so, what projects are you doing?
[We talked about my community projects for awhile]
Tim 9:13 AM 
you excited for Monday
Sassy 9:13 AM 
This “waiting a year between meets shit” is for the birds!
Tim 9:14 AM 
Yes, it is
and I will make it up to you
Sassy 9:14 AM 
No no… don’t think of it that way
This is not about guilt or remunerations or whatever
It’s FUN!
Tim  9:16 AM 
but I want to make it up to you
and I’m talking fun
and orgasms
and toys
and touching
and kissing
and now I’m hard
oh no, scare you off
Sassy 9:14 AM 
Hooray! Good morning to your cock!
Tim 9:14 AM 
he wakes up early, but had a work out
he’s back
Sassy 9:15 AM
In the shower?
Tim 9:15 AM
Oh yes
hard again
Sassy 9:15 AM
Tim 9:17 AM 
thinking about something where you are on top of me
Sassy 9:17 AM 
That sounds sexy
Tim 9:18 AM 
I have an erection in both heads
Sassy 9:19 AM 
May I bounce on you?
Tim 9:19 AM 
you bounce for long time or few minutes
Sassy 9:21 AM 
You can play with my boobs
and my clit
and bounce a bit yourself
I’ll be your cowgirl 
I may yell yeehaw
I need to get a Stetson
Tim 9:23 AM 
sounds like a dream come true
you can bounce all day long
Sassy 9:23 AM 
Until my knees give out
Tim 9:24 AM 
them I will get on you
give them a rest
Sassy 9:24 AM 
I want you
Tim 9:24 AM 
I need you
and my cock says
Sassy 9:26 AM 
That’s what my mind just said! 
Do you still have the same car? 
Tim 9:26 AM 
but unfortunately, my wife’s class ends now
She will be home soon 
Sassy 9:26 AM 
Tim 9:26 AM 
yes same car
why do you want to know?
something kinky?
Sassy 9:27 AM 
wow… I thought it was on its last legs last year
Tim 9:27 AM 
it is a miracle machine
Sassy 9:28 AM 
Tim 9:28 AM 
Well, I’ll try to write today
Sassy 9:28 AM 
Tell me where to meet you?
Via email is best
Tim 9:29 AM
but will definitely write by Sunday night and we can put details together
I will figure it out and we can exchange emails Sunday night
Sassy 9:29 AM
Tim 9:29 AM
loved this chat
Sassy 9:30 AM
Tim 9:30 AM
you are so special
and interesting
Sassy 9:30 AM
Thanks! You are the best.
Tim 9:30 AM
and I learn from you too
Sassy 9:30 AM
And I DO NOT say that to all the boys
Tim 9:30 AM
in a way I cannot explain
Sassy 9:30 AM
Really? The Trainer learns!
Tim 9:31 AM 
sure about all the boys?
bye for now
Sassy 9:31 AM 
Each man has his talents, but you seem to have them all
Tim 9:31 AM 
Bad Sassy
Sassy  9:31 AM 
Tim 9:32 AM 
hugs with groping
Sassy 9:32 AM 
Deep kiss
Tim 9:32 AM 
now I got to sign off
Sassy 9:32 AM 
Bye bye!
From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Sat Mar 3, 2018 at 9:56 AM
Saturday sloth
Hiya T! 
Feeling so lucky to have started my Saturday with you! It has my mind musing on what we’d do if you were here… fixated on the idea of lying next to you, very close, cuddled under the covers, NAKED, talking and touching.  Mmm mmm mmm
Have a lovely day dear man! 

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