Spoiled kitty

January 23, 2018 Tuesday

8:45 AM Sassy
Good morning!  

How’d the doctor visit go? 
12:38 PM Phil
They want to weave the ankle tendon through the bone to provide stability. Won’t solve the arthritis but I can live with that.  Gave me a cortisone and steroid shot
12:38 PM Sassy
Sounds good.
Surgery soon?

12:45 Phil
I don’t know, gonna require a cast and PT. As I get older, I get more concerned about falling due to the instability and it’s always a violent fall. Lost weight and a pant size. I would like to drop a lot more and get to where they think I should. Easier on the ankle
9:51 PM Phil
Hey lady
9:58 PM Sassy

[photo of me with the cat in my arms across my upper chest]

10:14 PM Phil
Spoiled kitty I see
10:15 PM Sassy
He figured out today that he can jump up on the bathroom sink and walk across onto my chest! I have to wrap my arms around him, of course. 

Fun when old cats try new tricks.  Heh
10:16 PM Phil
Yeah it is. Cherish them
10:16 PM Sassy
How’re your pets doing?  
They never seem to age… at least in photos.

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