We Are Bangor

January 16, 2018 Tuesday

8:50 AM Sassy
Good morning Phil!  Have a terrific Tuesday!!  I get a new desk today.

9:51 AM Phil
Oh cool!  Have a great day!

2:56 PM Sassy
From the “marginally famous Facebook page” of the Bangor Maine Police Department, here’s a short video (that was buried in a comment) to help you smile. Watch for a certain Duck at about the 1:20 point!

How To Say Bangor, Maine | “We Are Bangor”

For those who have ever wondered how to pronounce Bangor. Public officials, journalists, doctors, policemen, photographers, restaurateurs, TV personalities and Grammy-winning composers who all call the Bangor region home, come together to pose the question, “Is it too much to ask that you just say it right?”

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