Fucked and happy

January 12, 2018 Friday

9:46 AM Sassy
Happy Friday Phil!
11:55 AM Phil
Happy Friday!
12:05 PM Sassy

12:45 PM Phil
: ) 

4:59 PM Sassy
Mmm…so fucked and happy.

5:32 PM Phil

5:50 PM Phil
Glad you had fun : ) 
6:09 PM Sassy
Every time I think it’s the best possible and then the next time is better.
The Northerner visited me today!  

6:27 PM Phil
That’s a good thing 

6:29 PM Sassy
You home?  Chilling?

6:30 PM Phil
Yeah, had a great day at work, cigar, scotch, now just watching TV

6:30 PM Sassy
I had a great day not at work!

6:31 PM Phil
Oh you were working it : ) 
6:31 PM Sassy
Ha ha

6:31 PM Phil
[purple devil emoticon]

6:33 PM Sassy
I am on my own for THREE NIGHTS!  Whee!
6:55 PM Phil
Oh wow! Enjoy!
6:56 PM Sassy
My once a year respite

7:38 PM Phil
I love a break like that
8:44 PM Sassy
Not quite sure what to do next.  
I put all my planning into prepping to host The Northerner and now…. what?

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