Excited about a change

January 6, 2018 Saturday

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1:44 PM Sassy
Good afternoon!  Hope you are staying warm!  It’s 8 here!
10:26 PM Phil
6 here! Brrr. 
Watching football and playing
10:26 PM Sassy
Wanna sassy photo of me?
10: 27 PM Phil
Always gets me off
10:28 PM Sassy
[photo in the shower of me naked, from the waist up]
10:28 PM Phil
Damn! Love it! Thank you!
10:29 PM Sassy
You might think of us in the shower

10:29 PM Phil
I’d love to get you all slippery
10:30 PM Sassy
I could kneel
10:30 PM Phil
[photo of him sitting on the couch looking down his chest at his legs and erect cock]

10:31 PM Sassy
Help you slip into my mouth!
10:31 PM Phil
In front of this?
10:31 PM Sassy
Thanks…so hot

10:32 PM Phil
Jerking off, thinking about you
[20-second video of him stroking his cock]

10:33 PM Sassy
I’m lying in bed with a toy thinking about you.
I adore watching you, hearing you.  Mmmm

10:35 PMPhil
Imagining you and your toy
Love the thought of you playing with that wet pussy
10:39 PM Sassy
I’m buzzing it
Back and forth
Up and down

10:40 PM Phil
Mmmmm, work that sweet pussy
10:42 PM  Sassy
Your finger would be better
Or that sexy cock

10:43 PM Phil
Balls deep, fucking you hard?
My hard, throbbing cock deep in your tight wet pussy,
Come on babe, fuck me, take my hard cock
10:46 PM Sassy
Go in from the back
Pull and push my ass

Go deep

10:49 PM Phil
Roll over girl, I’m going rub my dripping cock over your ass on the way to your pussy. Grab that ass and spread it so I can watch my cock slide in and out, slick with your sweet juices
Thrusting hard and deep
10:49 PM Sassy
I want you

10:50 PM Phil
Cum on my cock
[Another video of him stroking]

10:54 PM Sassy
Wanna feel you inside
Back and forth
So wet

10:57 PM Phil
I like that
Wet and slippery
10:58 PM Sassy
Sliding in and out

11:01 PM Phil
11:03 PM  Sassy
FB gifs aren’t quite sexy enough…

11:03 PM  Phil
But it’s funny!
11:03 PM   Sassy
Hope you came anyway

11:04 PM Phil
[Another video of him stroking]

11:04 PM Sassy

11:05 PM Phil
As a matter of fact  : ) 
Hope you had a little fun too
11:06 PM Sassy
Yes indeed
You are always sexy fun!

11:07 PM Phil
<3 as are you

[.pdf of his job offer letter with all the details!]
I guess I’m off to the another job

11:09 PM Sassy
That’s wacky

11:10 PM Phil
Gonna seem a little strange for sure
11:11 PM Sassy
Are there people you know there?

11:13 PM Phil
Not likely. 
Gotta learn all new acronyms and dialog

11:13 PM Sassy
Similar work?
That would scare me

11:15 PM Phil
They speak a different language. 
I have a lot to learn.  Love that. it’s a different system

11:15 PM Sassy

11:16 PM Phil
I’m very comfortable where I am. 
I am the subject matter expert. 
I’m going to have to figure this out
I’ll travel but different places
New weird locations
11:17 PM Sassy
Ha ha
Hope it’s good

11:19 PM Phil
Me too. Going to be a big change
11:20 PM Sassy
Nice people?

11:21 PM Phil
Who knows? Will find out.
11:22 PM  Sassy
Travel up here : ) 
and fuck me

11:23 PM Phil
11:24 PM Sassy
Is there training or do they dump a bunch of manuals on you?

11:25 PM Phil
Don’t know. I know how to do the work. 
Some new processes so will see. 
I went to the school for special training a few years back
11:27 PM Sassy
Will be interesting to hear about the differences.

11:28 PM Phil
Yeah, will be a nice new challenge
11:29 PM Sassy
Hope it’s good.  Closer to home?

11:30 PM Phil
Yes.  Much.

11:30 PM Sassy
Easier commute?

11:30 PM Phil
It’s government work so if I don’t like it, I’ll go do something else.

11:31 PM Sassy
Work at home?

11:31 PM Phil
Much easier and knocks 20 minutes off. 
I can telework as well
11:31 PM Sassy

11:32 PM  Phil
I’m excited about a change
11:32 PM Sassy
I hear that
Dress code about the same?

11:34 PM Phil
My current bosses are jack asses and my departure really screws them. They have no one capable of filling my spot. 

Dress is the same. I may pick up a couple of new suits
11:35 PM Sassy
How fast can you get out?  
Is it like 2 weeks or months?

11:36 PM Phil
They can hold me for a month but that’s it
11:37 PM Sassy
Gonna take any time in between?

11:37 PM Phil
I’m off to bed. Night Sass. 
No, I want to get to it!
11:37 PM Sassy
Sweet dreams dear man

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