Peruvian delights

January 3, 2018 Wednesday
8:14 AM Sassy
Good morning Phil!   
Have a wonderful Wednesday!   
We’re prepping for lots snow tomorrow!
8:45 AM Phil
So I hear! Just brutal cold down here. Hope your day is good!

2:27 PM Sassy

7:56 PM Sassy
There’s money in old LPs! Thanks to Somerville Grooves! Especially if you have Led Zeppelin or Talking Heads. I cleaned out our hall closet and found 30 LPs from the 1960′-80s. There’s a shop in Union Square that sells them, so I asked if they’d take them. They said a few are worth something! So I went over tonight and got $35! He also took my 45s! And I have new space in the closet!
8:03 PM 
Peruvian dinner – first time at Machu Picchu in Union Square Somerville!
Free starter of corn nuts and tangy sauce
The handsome menu and dining room.
Superb soup: Aguqadito de pollo – chicken and cilantro soup 
known to Peruvians as “levant meuerto” – soup to raise the dead! 
It would be soothing for a sore throat!
Ceviche! There was a potato in the center. 
The orange-colored slice tasted like sweet potato 
but might be yucca?
Very helpful menu with photos and detailed descriptions! 
Amazing menu with photos and descriptions!
Entree: Lomo Saltado – sirloin strips stir-fried with onions, 
tomatoes and fries. Served with white rice.
Entree: Pollo Chan-Chan – The labyrinth-like structure of the 
archeological site of Chan-Chan is the inspiration for this dish 
of seared chicken rolls stuffed with shrimp, spinach and mozzarella,
 served with green beans and spinach-mashed potatoes.
Llamas! or Alpacas?
The main dining room 
with a huge photo of Machu Picchu on the back wall.

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