January 2, 2018 Tuesday

8:25 AM Phil
Good morning! Have a great Tuesday!
9:27 AM Sassy
Good morning!  It is so COLD!   You back in the city?
10:15 AM Phil
Last day off
10: 31 AM Sassy
Oh, you’re so lucky!  I’m back in the office.  
But it’s quiet – only about half of my colleagues here.
I am feeling virtuous- cleaned out half the front hall closet yesterday.  
Recycled 3 boxes of papers from the 1980s and have 7 bags to clothes and stuff to donate!
I also made a list of my dad’s LPs from the 1960s to 80s and sent it to the record store to see if they’ll take them.  Whee!

11:01 AM Phil
I’m sure they will!

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