Afternoon tea

December 28, 2017 Thursday

11:40 AM Sassy
Another tasty vacation morning breakfast – fried eggs on toast with toast, bacon and iced chai latte!

 4:17 PM Sassy
Afternoon tea at The Reserve in The Langham Hotel in Boston. A fantastic Christmas treat from Sis!

Teas – the four closest are the hotel’s private blends
My Wedgwood teacup 
Fresh flower on our table
My place setting
Flowers and decorations in the tea room 
My Wedgwood teapot
My Wedgwood teacup with vanilla rooibos tea and cream
Colossal shrimp with green goddess dressing 
and house grown sprouts
Tea sandwiches: Salmon parfait & caviar on brown bread, 
egg salad chive brioche, cucumber with radish and dill farmer’s cheese 
on sourdough, and turkey cranberry pumpkin sees salad vol-au-vent
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Desserts – snowball truffle with white chocolate and coconut, 
brandied egg nog trifle, raspberry almond cake, cocoa cupcake
Flowers in the lobby – the pink peonies were stunning
Winter decorations in the hall
10:09 PM Sassy
Delicious dinner at All Seasons Table in Malden
Hot & sour soup
Crispy ribs
Crab rangoon with duck sauce
Mango duck for me
Lamb with ginger and scallions
General Gao’s chicken for Hubby

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