Sending a smile

November 14, 2017 Tuesday

11:07 AM Sassy
Hiya.  Still home.  Sicker…bleh.  
Hope your Tuesday is better than mine.
11:26 AM Phil
We got all kinds of people out sick too. 

My buddy coming over for filet followed by a sip of scotch and a cigar
12:01 PM Sassy
Yeah… lots of project folks have it.  

It’s so frustrating – I am taking DayQuil and Emergen-C, drinking lots of water, soup, sleeping and… getting worse!  Argh… 

Hope you have a grand time with your buddy!
6:21 PM Phil
[photo of his smiling face and shoulders in a jacket outside in his backyard]
Sending you a smile. Hope you feel better
6:53 PM Sassy
Awww…that is so sweet!  Thank you kid.

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