Veterans Day BJ

November 10, 2017 Friday

9:03 AM Sassy
Here’s your special Veterans Day message!

9:04 AM Phil
Ha! I love it! Thank you and you may!
Video from LOL THERAPY

9:09 AM Sassy
Ha ha!

9:13 AM Phil
Thought you might like that one ;P
9:43 AM Sassy
You doing fun things today?  I’m home getting ready for project event!

9:53 AM Sassy
Found a great gif to post. 
Dear Veterans! Thank you for your service!
10:04 AM Phil
Just some running around. Gotta get the plants in, supposed to freeze tonight

3:34 PM Sassy
A delicious breakfast I made!
I adore days off from work with time to savor a morning meal.

 Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, bacon and sausage

6:50 PM Sassy
Sushi supper!

 Miso soup and shrimp shumai
Beef bulgoki bento box with vegetable tempura, 
CA maki, salad and rice

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