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November 7, 2017 Tuesday
From: Sassy
Good morning Bob! Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday so far! I’m off to vote. Whee. 
Tell me about your favorite meal? 
Favorite part of a woman’s body? 
Your favorite movie? 
From: ogs1967
Catching up on answers – AM is safer for me than email: 
I’m mostly out and about for my job.
Let’s go for some rock – Bruce Springsteen!  
Not allergic to cats. 
love Frutti di Mare 
love all parts of a Woman’s body but love nice big breasts…and curves, waist, thighs…necks too…
mmm I’m a softy so movies with happy endings…officer and a gentleman…the Natural…Rudy…but I do love sci-fi and action…Bourne movies are great…xmen, iron man… 
Voting is a good thing!
From: Sassy
Hiya Bob! Busy day for you? 
I’ve done my civic duty and made it to my office so I have a moment to escape into writing to you! 
You are an excellent answerer! Are there any questions you want to ask? Any deal breakers you should check on? Any kink you should ask if I can help with? 
For a special meal, I adore lobster pie… just meat and Ritz cracker crumbs and butter. Though I do like all sorts of food – Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Afghan, Italian and a steak or a pizza now and then! 
If I am looking at a man, I check out his shoulders. Not necessarily into big or broad, I just adore the different shapes and sizes. If I am touching, the list is much longer! 
So sweet to hear the movies you like! I usually go for movies with kissing, or Star Trek or Star Wars, or ones like “Hunt for Red October.” I just saw “Victoria & Abdul” at the Kendall… Judi Dench is spectacular! 
I’m more of a folk music type – just saw David Wilcox in the back room at The Burren… a man, a guitar and amazing songs! 
So glad you are not allergic to cats! Do you have pets? 
Thank you for giving us time… I feel much safer and can have a lot more fun if I know who you are and what you like. Gotta do some work. 
Think about a sexy French kiss today! 
From: ogs1967
Hi Sassy, I think it would be nice to meet for coffee sometime if you’re up for it. I work in your area so easy for me. Let me know if you can sneak out at your work or if you can fit me in your schedule. If you still feel you need to chat more before you get comfortable, no worries, I just think it would be nice to meet. Let me know, Thanks 
I love Star Wars and Star Trek movies too! the new Star Trek are surprisingly good, they really got the new actors right on them.

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