It’s all good

October 27, 2017 Friday

11:54 PM Sassy
Wow!  Another menu I drooled over.  What did you eat?
12:01 AM Phil
I had Antonio’s Pasta and a Caeser salad. Delicious. 
Tonight had the schnitzel. Delicious
12:02 AM Sassy
Mmmm… schnitzel.  I need to find that around here!
Your mom doing well?
12:12 AM Phil
She is and she really enjoyed the evening. Have not been there in 35 years but it was the same which was cool, had a neat German band. It was fun. Waved at the parsonage for you
12:13 AM Sassy
12:17 AM Sassy
Had a wacky day –

  • gave my old phone to a local guy who broke his last week, 
  • took a gal pal who got laid off this morning out for lunch then home in the burbs, 
  • then a blissful couple of hours with The Northerner!

12:50 AM Phil
At least there was something good!
12:50 AM Sassy
It’s all good!
12:52 AM Phil
Excellent! Nothing like being ravaged to put a smile on your face
1:02 AM Phil

XXoo <3

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