Thinking of boobs

September 22, 2017 Friday

5:56 AM Sassy
Happy Friday!

7:08 AM Phil
Happy Friday!
Just looked up a few photos of you
 and got light headed as all the blood rushed to another body part
[devil emoji]

8:19 AM Sassy
I’d lick that body part.

9:04 PM Phil
[photo of his cock and a photo of my boob below it]

9:05 PM Sassy
Oh my
Oh, to be that close!

9:07 PM Phil
Was just thinking about you

9:08 PM Sassy
Awww…what about me?

I’ve been reading my classmates Fb profiles, prepping for reunion

9:08 PM Phil
Cool! I hope you have fun!

9:14 PM Sassy
I’m looking at 58 yr old faces, trying to match with 18 yr olds…tricky!

You thinking of my boobs?

9:25 PM Phil
I obviously am 😛

At my reunion, there were people who looked the same and others who were unrecognizable

I was thinking about kissing you at camp and then I was thinking about kissing you at the airport and then I was thinking about a lot more at our meets

9:29 PM Sassy

9:29 PM Phil
Wonderful and different times

9:30 PM Sassy
We do manage to create fireworks wherever

9:33 PM Phil
There will always be fireworks.
I always hoped I wasn’t a disappointment.
I never expected it to be the way it was.
It’s always very spontaneous and I love that

The boob pic yesterday was exactly what I needed and it made me smile

9:36 PM Sassy
I like to make you smile

9:37 PM Phil
I’m smiling!

[close-up photo of his erect cock]

9:38 PM My current situation

[photo of his smiling face and chest in a yellow t-shirt]

9:43 PM Sassy
You make me tingle

[photo of my smiling face and shoulders at my desk in a black t-shirt]

9:45 PM Phil
Hey there Sass!
Let’s get naked and fuck each other silly
Just saying

9:49 PM Sassy
Or to put it another way…

9:51 PM Phil
Ha ha! I love the way you think

Think I’ll get naked and jump in the shower and wash my cock till it accidentally spits
[devil icon]

9:55 PM Sassy
Think of me kneeling there

9:55 PM Phil
Of course
wishing it was you washing with your tongue

9:55 PM Sassy
To help with spitting

Maybe slides between my boobs?

9:56 PM Phil
Oh hell yeah!
Love you my sweet girl

9:57 PM Sassy
Love you Philip!

[graphic of a puppy blowing kisses with its paw]

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