Labor Day Dim Sum

September 4, 2017 Monday LABOR DAY

5:30 AM Sassy
Happy Labor Day from a union worker!

10:46 AM Phil
[photo of a smoker machine in his driveway]
Happy Labor Day!

Breaking in my little smoker, tri tip and ribs today

10:47 AM Sassy
Oooh… that sounds delicious!

I’m off to dim sum brunch with my older sister and her beau

11:28 AM Phil

12:46 PM Sassy
Lucious Chinese lunch at Mary Chung’s in Central Square and I paid with a credit card!!

Suan la chow show – my favorite food 
Peking ravioli
Dry-cooked sliced beef
Velvet chicken and mapa tofu
1:08 PM Sassy
Another Brit royal baby on the way!

Royal baby: Duchess of Cambridge expecting third child

9:59 PM Sassy
Texas Roadhouse time!
Hubby’s Hurricane margarita and my raspberry lemonade
Hubby’s sirloin with onions and steak fries
Shrimp sidekick
My Half slab of ribs and corn
10:19PM Phil
Verizon Cloud file share
10:21 PM Sassy
What’s that? (Can’t open it)
10:23 PM Phil
Music – recording of that church chorus I sang with
10:24 PM Sassy
Wow! From your era?
10:24 PM Phil
I can hear my voice on one piece
That’s off the album I sang on.
10:25 PM Sassy
That’s so cool!
10:25 PM Phil
It’s the first song.
The rest are a mix across the spectrum
Yeah, neat to hear it again
10:27 PM Sassy
Thanks for sharing – very special!
10:28 PM Phil
Made me smile
10:30 PM Sassy
Your meat come out tasty?
I had the ribs tonight because of you.
10:32 PM Phil
[photo of a church music group from the 1970s]
My meat is always tasty! 😉
They came out delicious!
Can you find your favorite kid?
10:33 PM Sassy
Yup.  I adored that kid! 
Are they still going?
10:33 PM Phil
With the helmet hair
They are indeed
10:34 PM Sassy
And the sexy smile
10:34 PM Phi
Ha! I don’t know about that but it’s me
10:40 PM Sassy
Can you name those kids?
I’m surprised I can recall about half
10:54 PM Phil
Most of them
10:55 PM Sassy
You’re FB friends with several, right?
10:56 Phil
I am, some are dead

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