Essex treats

August 27, 2017 Sunday

6:31 PM Sassy
Superb supper at CK Pearl in Essex

Oysters, Hunter’s board details 
The Essex River
Ceviche – scallop, salmon, halibut, peaches, jalapeno, tomato, 
lime and mint with tortilla chips
Oysters and shrimp cocktail
Specials – we had the ceviche
Boats coming in
Hubby’s steak tips and fries
Clam chowder with a fried clam on top
Hunters board – fresh bread, pork head cheese, foie mousse,
 chicken & foie pate, beef tongue with marmalade,
pickled veggies, mustards

6:45 PM Phil

6:46 PM Sassy

[photo of a red tiny Fiat car]
[photo of the doggie hood ornament]
Hood ornament on a little red Fiat…
6:54 PM Phil
Ha! Love it!

7:31 PM Sassy
Treats at Down River Ice Cream in Essex

Salty C ice cream cone – salted caramel ice cream
 with chocolate-covered pretzels

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