August 18, 2017 Friday

8:29 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!  Happy Friday!
10:10 AM Phil
Happy Friday to you!
10:45 AM Sassy
I’ve got my new computer buzzing along – just one thing left to figure out!  And I got a new work phone yesterday!  Just waiting on the new work credit card.  New new new!
12:40 PM Phil
Nice! Mine are all old old old
12:51 PM Sassy
I like new stuff… just not all at once during the two busiest weeks of the year!
I got a new carrying case, stand to hold the laptop on my desk and a USB C to USB dongle!  Whee!
12:58 PM Sassy
I felt like a real shopper… got all that for $52 on Amazon.  Heh
5:32 PM Phil
Woo Hoo!

6:11 PM Sassy
Supper at Joshua Tree in Davis Square Somerville
Tuna crisps – tuna tataki with cheese and scallions in taco shells
Chicken and asparagus over riced cauliflower mushroom risotto
Bacon potato pierogi with sour cream 
Moroccan lamb egg rolls with tsatsiki

6:38PM Phil
[photo of his naked legs and feet, sitting in a chaise on his back patio]
6:46 PM Phil
This would be your view if you were sitting on my face
[purple devil emoticon] 
6:47 PM Sassy

At a project event, waiting for the fun to start
6:56 PM Phil
Enjoy Sass
6:57 PM Sassy
Wish you could sit next to me

6:57 PM Phil
Mmmm, there’s a thought
6:57 PM Sassy
My hands might stray to your leg

6:58 PM Phil
My leg? Just go straight for the cock!
7:00 PM Sassy

7:01 PM Phil
7:02 PM Sassy

A little tease when you know what’s coming (or who is) but not when.

7:05 PM Phil
I like it!

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