DNA surprise

July 29, 2017 Saturday

9:09 AM Sassy

Happy Saturday!  
Gray cool day here… got the balcony door open to let the breeze in!
9:14 AM Phil
Happy Saturday!  Knocked out some chores and now going to enjoy the day. 

Gray here too. I’ll take it after the heat we had
9:14 AM Sassy
Hope you have lots of fun!  Maybe it won’t be as crowded.
1:24 PM Sassy
Fascinating story about a DNA test with surprise results, and how they solved the mystery
How Alice Collins Plebuch’s foray into “recreational genomics” upended a family tree.

3 thoughts on “DNA surprise

  1. JFBreak says:

    Incredible story – thanks for sharing the link.

  2. Hiya James! It's become a special interest of mine since an older cousin “lost her dad” (long deceased) when she and the family did DNA tests for health reasons. The father she knew was Native American. Her test came out Ashkenazi Jewish. She has a theory on who that could've been. Amazed her mother never felt safe telling her the truth but for that generation it had a lot more repercussions.

  3. JFBreak says:

    Amazing. In reality, so many families grow up with these secrets and people never know that they aren't who they thought. This DNA testing is digging up those old buried secrets – for better or for worse.

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