PF Chang’s Chinese

July 19, 2017 Wednesday

7:03 AM Sassy

Good morning!
7:45 AM Phil
Good morning!
7:48 AM Sassy
Gonna be a hot one!  Like you!
8:18 AM Phil
Awwww, Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper tonight
8:20 AM Sassy
That sounds awesome!  Rock it!
I’m going to a concert Saturday.
[photo of my face and cleavage in a navy blue summer nightgown]
8:38 AM Phil
Well howdy!
Who you seeing?
8:44 AM Sassy
The a cappella group Straight No Chaser with Post-Modern Jukebox
8:53 AM Sassy
Down in the big Pavilion tent on the waterfront with my gal pal
12:08 PM Phil
Cool! Sounds like fun!

7:55 PM Sassy
Tasty time at PF Chang in the Cambridge Side Galleria

Hubby’s egg drop soup
Egg roll with spicy dipping sauce
Hot and sour soup – very beefy
Strawberry cucumber lemonade – my favorite foofy drink 
Pork fried rice
Hubby’s spicy chicken
Spicy green beans
Salt and pepper calamari

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