Shrimp salad wrap

July 14, 2017 Friday
8:27 AM Phil
Happy Friday!
8:28 AM Sassy
Same to you!
I’m off work today!
Heading to the hospital with Hubby for his first colonoscopy.  Whee
8:32 AM Phil
Oh cool that you are off. 
Ugh on the hospital. 
Enjoy the day. 
Melting down here, heat index way over 100
8:33 AM Sassy
Wow!  It’s 61 and rainy here.
So glad I’m not missing a beach day!
8:35 AM Phil
I’d take some of that
8:38 AM Sassy
Good day to stay in and play!

12:17 PM Sassy
Enjoying lunch at the Mount Auburn Hospital cafeteria while Hubby has a test done – shrimp salad wrap, chips, pickle, water and a salted caramel cake square! 
3:31 PM Sassy
Home and all is well!
4:42 PM Phil
🤗cool! Me too!
4:43 PM Sassy
Staying cool?
4:51 PM Phil
4:57 PM Phil
[photo of a beer in a glass sitting on the bar]
I’m just fine!
4:57 PM Sassy
Are there Oysters coming soon?
4:59 PM Phil
No oysters in this place but the beer is cold
5:01 PM Sassy
I fed Hubby a bunch of his favorite foods and now he’s putting together a bunch of stuff we got from Amazon Prime Day
5:09 PM Phil
Well cool. 
Got Jalapeno poppers coming with a frosty IPA. 
Good to be off for three days!
5:10 PM Sassy
5:23 PM Phil
[photo of jalapenos wrapped in cheese and bacon]
5:26 PM Sassy
Those look fantastic!  Mmm….bacon.
5:27 PM Phil
So good
5:42 PM Sassy
You had those before there?
6:13 PM Phil
Oh yeah!

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