Raspberry chocolate chip

July 3, 2017 Monday

8:20 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
8:20 AM Phil
Good morning!
8:21 AM Sassy
You rocking this Monday?
8:21 AM Phil
Waiting on my car servicing and then going for a bike ride
8:22 AM Sassy
I’m heading to the office for a bit, then going to see Wonder Woman.
8:47 AM Phil
Have fun. Tossing ribs on the smoker
8:47 AM Sassy
You have a smoker?
8:47 AM Phil
No other way to make brisket, ribs, turkey, fish
8:48 AM Sassy
I know a couple of guys with them, and most of my NC family.
8:49 AM Phil
A grill is great for burgers and steak but a smoker for everything else. Only way to go
10:01 AM
I’ve talked to a couple of pals online in the middle of the night when they were tending their smoker
10:59 AM Phil
Yep! It’s a beer drinking sport

12:28 PM Sassy
Lunch at the Boston Burger Co in Davis Square Somerville – garlic parm fries and a mushroom swiss burger!
12:59 PM Sassy
Watching the “Wonder Woman” movie!

4:31 PM Phil

[photo of him with a towel around his waist, just coming out of the shower]
Chores done, time to relax
4:35 PM Sassy
Movie done, ice cream time

4:37 PM Sassy
A treat from JP Licks in Davis Square Somerville – raspberry chocolate chip yogurt in a chocolate waffle cone

4:41 PM Phil
I’ve got something you can lick (devil emoji)
How was the movie? Heard mixed reviews
5:55 PM Sassy
It rolls along.  Not gonna change yer life, but worth seeing what all the fuss is about.
Mmm… licking.
5:58 PM Phil
My ribs were spectacular!
 now enjoying a mellow cigar with a great 200 anniversary single malt
6:26 PM Sassy
I don’t think I’ve ever had ribs from a smoker… except at a restaurant.  Sounds delicious!
We just got home.  Gonna make chili cheese dogs and corn on the cob.
6:29 PM Phil
We had corn too. Chili cheese dogs sound great too!  Listening to great southern rock and chilling

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