Aung San Suu Kyi in London

May 6, 2017 Saturday

9:05 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

9:28 AM Sassy
Majesty Magazine is focused on the Brits transferring duties, but I am overjoyed to see Aung San Suu Kyi at Buckingham Palace! I prayed for her for years while she was under house arrest and now, Nelson Mandela style, she has been freed to do bigger things for her country and the world!
10:08 AM Phil
Good morning! Beach bound!
10:19 AM Sassy
Yay!  It’s cold and rainy here, so I’m getting stuff done around my condo.

Having lunch with my older sister and her beau.  He has prostate cancer, surgery soon maybe.  Going to listen, see what I can do for them.
11:26 AM Phil
Aww, thinking positive thoughts

3:05 PM Sassy
Lunch at Court House Seafood!  Such fresh fish… mmm… 

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