Happy May Day

May 2015

May 1, 2015 Friday


Happy May Day!

7:32am Phil

Good news on the Boss! Hope the next one is better! 
Happy May Day and Happy Friday!

7:41am Phil

11:40pm Phil
Tough Nite. It was fun but at the end I always worry about people I love. Pray for them every night. Can’t do anything more.

What made it tough?

11:50pm Phil
Had oysters and beers. Had a cigar and scotch, was all good and then I think of my friend snorting that nasty shit up her nose and it kills me and I know she’s doing it and I can do nothing. How do you deal with that? I just don’t know how.

I wish I knew

11:52pm Phil
Me too. How to save people from themselves

Wild night at an event – someone dislocated her shoulder, had to get an ambulance, delay, police, fire, emt’s..then someone else filled in on the spur of the moment to great glory!

I’m off to bed.
Hope you can sleep.

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