Siblings Day

April 10, 2015 Friday


Happy National Siblings Day to my sisters, who have always been there for me!

[black & white photo of my family years ago – Mom, Dad, older sister, and me at age 9 holding my little sister for her baptism]

11:49am Phil
Love this photo! 


Pulled pork at Redbones.  So tasty!

Amazing footage of a tornado in IL yesterday. Eep.

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“Here is my full video from yesterday including a 10x speed timelapse while approaching the storm from Hwy 251 in Rochelle, Illinois. Unfortunately I farmed it a bit and the DSLR video is pretty grainy, but it still shows the incredible violent motion of the tornado minutes after it touched down.” Donovan Gruner: Storm Chaser and Photographer on Friday, April 10, 2015

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