Elite vocabulary

April 4, 2015 Saturday

Heh. These didn’t even seem hard. Finally something I can ace!

“I got Elite Vocabulary!!  How Strong Is Your Vocabulary? 
Great job!  You were able to correctly define enough of these tough words to elevate yourself to the upper echelon of vocabulary excellen!  Most of these words are not used on a daily basis, and it takes a very well read person to be able to pass this…”

12:16 pm
Having lunch with Mom – seafood enchiladas at Ixtapa, Lexington

4 thoughts on “Elite vocabulary

  1. Refried Beans, Spanish Rice, Avacado, Enchilada, and perhaps a salsa verde – my Tex-Mex vocab is great!

  2. lapsed says:

    I have reached this blog via Ryan Beaumont who has been a great inspiration. I look forward to reading this on a regular basis. Thoroughly good!

  3. Welcome lapsed! Great to know you're here.

    Ryan sent me to read your blog – a wonderful start.
    So happy to have new stories to read.

  4. lapsed says:

    thank you, a tough subject but fun

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