Hair in the right places

March 30, 2015 Monday

Good morning! How’s your day going?

I’m at the RMV so Hubby can renew his license. Whee

It’s snowing. Again.

9:51am Phil
In the 60s here.
Chillin at home, been to the gym, good day so far!

Bunch of pictures of my old gray ass yesterday. Was a fun day

Adore those toes!

5:34pm Phil

5:49pm Phil
Enjoying the day, how bout you?

Work sucked but now it’s done for the day!
I’m home eating Thai food!

5:53pm Phil
Pasta for me! I had no work so cool day!

Hubby is going out. I’m going to play!

6:18pm Phil
Have fun baby.

I look at my pics and think, boy you are getting old. Been working out, getting back to myself quickly but I look at those pics and see Grandpa. Ah well, we all get old

Ha! I was looking at your pics and a bunch of profiles online for men I could date, and you look Sooooo Much Better!

You have hair! In the right places!

6:27pm Phil
Ha, well I do have that and I’m fit

I wore a bunch of kids out at the gym today. Laughed my ass off, weaklings

I can see that happening so easily. Ha. ┬áThe military kept you in good shape and you’ve carried on with it. ┬áNot like most older guys they see!

7:20pm Phil
; )

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