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March 27, 2015 Friday

Happy Friday! Had a strange night at a project event… sometimes the topic is just not my thing! Back in the office surrounded by construction. Whee! Hope you have a fruitful day!

10:25am Phil
Ahhh. I had the weirdest dream last night. That was after a series of messages from Beach Gal who was on an emotional roller coaster. Never figured out why but she ended with “if you only knew, I need therapy”. I have no clue. Drinks way too much, probably doing lines of coke and suffers from depression. Not good. Worry about her. I can’t fix it though.

Happy for the end of the week, pooped out.  Have fun weekend plan.

Enjoy the construction sounds, trade for an incessantly happy woman with a voice like nails on a chalkboard who sits in the next cubicle.

Hunh. Must be something in the air… I had an odd dream too and that is rare for me. I dreamed that a new guy took me to a family picnic and it turned out to be at Kris’ mother’s place, and in came his wife and his entire family but not him… eep.

So sorry to hear Beach Gal is not doing so well. I don’t know what to think about her leaning on you but in many ways I suppose that is good for both of you.

 I don’t have any weekend plans other than lunch with Mom tomorrow… have to see if I can find some trouble to get into!

11:07am Phil
I don’t know what is up with her but I said I would always listen and help if I could and I meant that.

My dream was about a beach house, mine and I was about to have a big party and I had a pig penned in on the beach (think he was gonna be dinner). big storm came in, huge waves washed sand and the pig into the house, deck and dock washed away and there was a waterfront bar that stayed open and we all ended up down there. I don’t normally have dreams that vivid.

11:15am Phil
I believe my friend is going down a bad road. Married a dealer and coke head and admits all they do is drink. All of that messes with her meds and causes a train wreck and the husband ain’t me and she has not gotten past that and maybe regrets jumping into that so fast. I believe I am better off distanced from that cause the girl still has the capability to yank my heart. I imagine time and distance will help with that.

1:07pm Phil
Hope you find a little trouble to get into. It’s what makes life fun

10:13pm Phil
Relaxing evening. Made crab cakes and steamed clams and beer to follow it. Hope your nite was good : )

Very quiet here. Hubby was out with his gf.
I had a free sub from Subway

10:16pm Phil
Ahhh, just hanging on the couch

I refrained from making banana comments
[he posted on Facebook about a banana-shaped product]

10:17pm Phil
Ha! Can you believe that’s an actual product? I laughed my ass off

I was thinking I might have another use for it – those ridges in the middle?

10:19pm Phil
I know. Mmmmmm

Your friends got it right off

10:21pm Phil
Yep! Could be a lot of fun

Now I need to go play. Heh

10:25pm Phil
Oh damn, I want to watch or help

10:27pm Phil
[photo of his cock peeking out of his shorts]

10:27pm Phil
My banana is ready

That is quite a-peel-ing

10:28pm Phil
I love it 🙂

I’m sure you could find something to do with it.  No ridges but it’s hard and soft at the same time


10:35pm Phil
Needs to be some place hot and wet

I have several ideas

10:36pm Phil
[photo of his cock in his hand standing straight up]

I’m pretty sure I like them all

You have.

10:37pm Phil
Not all. Still got some to try.

Along with the old standards that remain so good.

Hope I supply some mental images to help you play

Oh yes. Most excellent

10:41pm Phil
Love the thought of you playing with your sweet pussy

I can close my eyes and imagine that

And it’s hot as hell

What do you imagine?

10:45pm Phil
I imagine your fingers sliding to your clit and getting you started but I know you like penetration so maybe the bullet or perhaps something larger. One hand squeezing a nipple, juices flowing, wetter and wetter

You will have to show me so I remember and don’t have to imagine

Let me lick your juices off it before you start to please yourself again

Maybe… I get sort of shy… but you can probably talk me out of that

10:50pm Phil
Perhaps replace the toy with the real thing

A boy toy?

10:50pm Phil
We are not going to be shy

I’ll be your boy toy.

Show me that pretty pussy. Nothing to be shy about when your partner has had fingers, tongue and cock everywhere and vice versa. There’s no shyness when your partner has had their tongue in your ass

We were never shy. Took me a minute to shove my tongue in your pussy. I don’t recall you being shy

Surprised maybe

Something happens to me around you.

Doesn’t happen anywhere else

10:55pm Phil
I was naked in your bed in moments. While you swallowed my cock

Ah… you remember.

11:00pm Phil

You said there’s no better sight than that of a woman sucking my cock

11:01pm Phil
Nothing like it

I’m happy to return the favor too

I have to go play before Hubby gets home…

Find me again soon.

11:03pm Phil
Go play baby. Rub that sweet pussy a little

Crap… too late. He is almost here

11:05pm Phil
Oh I’m sorry, my fault

No no… more fun talking to you anyway.

Except for this pulsing I can’t seem to cure.

Maybe he’ll go hide in his studio and I can sneak off

11:06pm Phil
I know how to fix that

Oh really?

He’s settled down… I’m going to try now. Good night dear man.

12:38am Phil
Enjoy : )

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