Legal memories

March 23, 2015 Monday

Good morning kid

8:05am Phil
Good morning!

The famous clam chowder @Legal Seafoods


Had lunch out today with work colleagues.

Yes…I looked over at where we sat that December night and thought of you.

5:01pm Phil
I liked Legal. Got one here now!

Dinner with my scintillating sister and the adorable niece @The Cheesecake Factory.  There was a mouse.  Did bother us but they insisted on comping our entire bill!  

 Spinach cheese dip with tortilla chips
Pasta carbonara
Chocolate mousse with whipped cream

2 thoughts on “Legal memories

  1. Looks great, a lot of my favorites!

  2. GoodWill says:

    Love Legal. I know it's a chain, there are probably better options etc. But it is always the first and last place I go when I visit Boston. It's just my fav.

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