Twelve swans

March 7, 2015 Saturday

Good morning kid! Fun day for you?

I’m off to see Mom. She has declined a lot recently, worrying us.

Then another project event and party! Whee!

9:37am Phil
Sorry to hear about Mom. That sucks. Enjoy the afternoon! I worked out this morning, then had mimosas, making biscuits and gravy for breakfast, lunch at a brewery. My day does not suck

Twelve swans a swimming on the Mystic River! Never seen more than two before. What does it mean?

Lunch with Mom at Taipei Gourmet.  She loves their egg drop soup.

6:20pm Phil
[photo of his briefs and upper legs]

Football team undies


6:27pm Phil

Event’s over! Headed to the party.

You have a good day?

7:28pm Phil
Yeah I did
Enjoy the party!

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