Another New Hampshire Man

February 13, 2015 Friday

So it’s Friday the 13th… I am scrambling to finish up at work, and thinking about finishing packing to to fly out tomorrow for a week’s vacation, and how to celebrate Valentine’s Day early with Hubby.  I get email from Ashley Madison telling me a new guy has written.  I can’t resist taking a break from work to take a look.

Message body

It’s another guy from New Hampshire!  I’ve had good luck with two of them – why not go for #3?  And he’s taller than I am!  A little young – I usually have the best luck with older men – but likely actually in his early 50s the way guys fib a few years lower “for security reasons.”  He’s attached.  Good.  Seems worth a look!

So I pop over to Ashley Madison to read his message and check out his profile.  He’s already written two messages and given me access to a photo!  Eager, eh?

Date:  Feb 13th – 2:46pm
From:  championsheep
Wow! You must be the perfect woman! Check my profile. 5′ 2″ 120lbs is all I ever see here! 

Let’s talk. -Jim.
[his yahoo email]


Date:  Feb 13th – 2:54pm
From:  championsheep
….oh, don’t let my age scare you off…I am very mature for a “49 year old”. 😉


Message body

All of this looks good!  Certainly confident.  Well… maybe not the threesome or spanking but a lot of men put that and then never mention it again.  It’s refreshingly honest.  Specifying no explicit pictures… hmm… I wonder what that the deal is with that?  I’ll have to think about how to respond.  I don’t have time right now.
He wrote me again!  My phone pinged while I was having an early Valentine’s Day picnic in my living room with Hubby.  I took a quick look when he went to the bathroom.
Date:  Feb 13th – 6:42pm
From:  championsheep
Am I going to hear that sultry voice sometime?
Wow!  He’s getting ahead of himself.  I wish he’d would give me a chance to reply!
I finally finished celebrating with Hubby and packing for my trip and composed a reply.  I didn’t switch to email right away – I like to get a better idea of a man before I give out my email address.

Date:  Feb 13th – 11:00pm
From:  Sassy
Hiya Jim! How are you this chilly evening? Thanks for your messages! You write well.
First I should tell you that I’m flying out to Mexico in the morning, be gone a week. I may
not have internet access there, so if I suddenly go quiet, it’s not you! I will write again as soon
as I can. Sorry for the bad timing! I am worth waiting for…
Here’s a few quick tidbits about me – I’ve been married 18 years, no kids, two cats. Hubby
and I are great friends, but no sex for years. I beat cancer four years ago. I’m whole and
healthy, but want to live life to the fullest! I’m not perfect but I’ve been told I’m the nicest
woman ever, an awesome kisser, a great communicator, very discreet, no drama… looking
for fun and passion and a confidante. Is that you? Are you ready to hug a big, tall woman?
Tell me more about you. What brings you to AM now? How did you hear about it? Feel free
to ask whatever you like. Age doesn’t matter to me. Let’s figure out if we’d have fun! If not,
best of luck!
Hugs with groping!

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