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February 10, 2015 Tuesday
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Friend of a friend selling her place near DC – made me think of you.  Always fun to look at another house!
[real estate ad URL] 4 beds/3.5 baths $389,900
10:02pm Phil
Great area!

Is that a lot of money?
It looked like other places you showed me, and the back deck was fun.

[photo of the balcony of the model home like his]

10:16pm Phil
No not at all. Place I am interested in is over $600k. 10 foot ceiling, 4 1/2 baths, gourmet kitchen.


Wow.. why do you need such big places for just you two?

10:18pm Phil
It’s the smallest single family place she liked. I would have been thrilled with a town home, half the size and price. Or a condo downtown


I would like to have a little more room but I can not imagine signing up to take care of that big a place unless I was entertaining a lot or had a pile of grandchildren or something

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