Self-service beer taps

January 16, 2015 Friday
Good morning!  I’m not working today. Four-day weekend!  Woot!  
Hope you have a fun Friday.

10:12am Phil

I’m not working either! Looking at houses. Enjoy the day!


Houses where? What?

12:10pm Phil

[photo of a gorgeous kitchen]
12:10pm Phil
[photo of a kitchen and living room]
12:11pm Phil
Just lookin



Tired of waiting in line at the bar? Self-service beer taps coming this way

NEW YORK — How much do you hate waiting for another beer in a crowded bar? It irked Josh Goodman enough to invent a pretty obvious solution — self-service beer taps.

2:33pm Phil

: )

5:49pm Phil

Giving in to the idea of buying our own place. This house is a cluttered disaster. I hate it and I need a tax break.

Great dinner tonight with Sis, niece and a project gal pal!  We went to All Seasons Table, the Pan Asian place in Malden.  It is always so spectacular!  And Sis paid… bless her.  


Not sure what’s up online but I got 3 actual messages yesterday from new AM men, and two today!  Yay for the New Year’s resolutions men make to get laid.  No one interesting but I have hope for the next one.  

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