Beets and naked rowers

January 6, 2015 Tuesday
8:23am Phil
Hey Sassy, how you doing? Mom feeling better? How about you? Hope all is good!

Hiya kid!  Looked like lots of fun in the snow!  It’s headed our way.  Good thing you know how to handle that!  I’m hanging in.  Still coughing a bit but ignoring it!  My office is in chaos… camped out with a conference room table for now, may move to an office share later in the week.  Mom is home but feeling crappy.  Takes time they say.  Ugh.


I talked to a young fella online last night. A snowboarder.  Whee.  All he really wanted to know was my cup size.  Duh.  Back to my toys!

3:25pm Phil
Glad to hear Mom is home, not so glad to hear she is not feeling well. It does take time especially as we get older.  

Snowing here, it stopped but now it’s getting colder and it’s all freezing.  A snow boarder eh?  Your cup size?  What a dork. Better off with toys.  

As I passed my year of probationary service, I can now look to other jobs.  Not sure what will pop up.  May look for something closer to home.  Will see.  I want to go back to working with front line military types.

Probably would be good to get out of D.C.

5:10pm Phil
I like the travel but I’d love to be at the beach

5:41pm Phil
[Photo of Phil in a bar holding a beer and smiling, toasting the camera]

Hiya hot stuff!

5:45pm Phil
Hey Sassy girl

Had a colorful dinner.  Looks good but was rather blah and expensive except for the deviled eggs.

Beet salad and deviled eggs at The Independent

Wanna dance?

Hell Yeah 
I’m a

A what?

6:15pm Phil

Dancer…Naked dancer


6:16pm Phil

Ha ha!

6:16pm Phil


Woohoo! Pedro da man!  

He made the Baseball Hall of Fame!

Fun photos of athletes to raise money for a good cause. Activists with the best bums.

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