Billy goat

November 16, 2014 Sunday


[He posted about being at an airport]

Have a fun trip!

7:51am Philip
Thank you! Looking forward to it. Be driving by another beach shortly!

Oooh! Envy the warmth and the ocean!


Oh my… DIFFERENT STEPS! *gasp*

“At Buckingham Palace, a Dancing Guard Throws Decorum to the Wind”

[He posted that he was on the ground.  He knows I worry when he flies, is good to me to let me know when he lands]

Hey! You made it! Looks fantastic!

11:02pm Philip
It’s gorgeous
Drove along the coast

Your lady with you?

12:45am Philip
No, just me

Bummer. But I know you’ll have fun!

12:59am Philip
Is a bummer. Horny as a billy goat

1:05am Philip

[photo of his gorgeous cock sticking out of plaid shorts]

Yum… looks like exactly what I need!

1:14am Philip
I need a hot mouth or pussy

Got any of those?

Got those and talented hands also!
Oh… and toys! : )

1:18am Philip
[photo of the tip of his cock dripping]

mmm… I’m off to bed to dream of your gorgeous cock and what I’d do with it! Have a great night kid. Mwah!

1:54am Philip
Night Sass

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