November 13, 2014 Thursday

Good morning kid!

7:59am Philip

Hiya kid! Hope you’re having a grand time. I am OFF PILL DUTY! Mom’s new place took over filling her pills, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore!

7:44pm Philip
Oh cool! Got to talk to my girl today. Was a good day

Yay! Which girl?

7:55pm Philip
The Beach Gal
I love that girl to death
always will I think

She’s marrying the guy?

8:02pm Philip
Tomorrow, kills me – bar brawling, coke dealing, coke snorting, illiterate shitbag

I wished her well, told her I’d always love her, she said I love you too

That’s good.
Kris told me he has found a woman to love, asked her to marry him, and that I must not contact him anymore. Yippee.

So I have to stop worrying about him.

8:06pm Philip
So quick? He’s a knucklehead

Yup. This is the woman who got caught cheating, kicked out of her house, moved in with lover, now cheating on lover with K. She is going to “keep him from doing wrong.” SSuuureee.

8:27pm Philip
Yup.  I should have married that girl when I had the chance. Fuck me

Maybe… maybe not. Please don’t torture yourself with that now.

8:38pm Philip
I know, I know

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