Randy little thing

November 11, 2014 Tuesday VETERANS DAY HOLIDAY

Thank you for your military service Philip, and for all you told me so I understand how important it was!

8:27am Philip
Thank you! Picking up my bike today! Have a great day!

Woohoo! So happy for you!

8:29am Philip
Rented one to get over the jitters

I’m headed back to Mom’s to deal with Dad’s desk. Saw the real estate agent and furniture consignment lady yesterday. Progress!

Sounds like you’re doing the bike thing right!

8:44am Philip
I’m pretty comfortable on it. It’s the right size for me and I’ve smoothed out my starts and stops and now I just have to ride. Did a lot of corners yesterday but feel no requirement to lean her way over. Did zip through them at good speed though and I notice people see that big bike coming

8:46am Philip
Keep making progress. Had a delightful conversation with Beach Gal this morning. I’ll take it, made me smile and that’s a good thing. We’ll always be buddies. Good luck with the desk!

Thanks kid. I am feeling really overwhelmed but know that will pass.

9:51am Philip
I know! Wanna hold my wiener? Ha!

You know I want to hold it.. and stroke it…

10:36am Philip
I’ll wag my tail

Wanna hear you bark!

10:37am Philip
LOL, ruff

Now do me doggie style!

12:35pm Philip
You’re a randy little thing, I like that

Sushi dinner.  So sumptuous!
Eel, egg, shrimp tempura maki and salmon skin maki at Toraya, the best hidden gem in the area!


[photo of him on his new motorcycle]

That bike is so hot! So you! Hope you adore it!

9:46pm Philip
Thank you!

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