Hot hearty protein

October 24, 2014 Friday

5:51pm Philip

Ha! Happy Friday!


How’s it going kid?

6:46pm Philip

Working too hard and trying to figure this life out. 
Doesn’t make sense sometimes but I’m trying


You are so deep!  
If you figure life out be sure to tell me!!!!

7:15pm Philip

I just think it should make sense. Someone I love is marrying a coke dealer, snorting coke cause she likes how it makes he feel. I can’t fix it. Another is a drunk and habitual liar, another is an ungrateful, lazy woman. Got to be something better. I can’t fix people as badly as I want to. I can only control me and that’s where I need to focus. I’m trying, I’ll get there

Tonight’s dinner at home – deconstructed chili cheese dog with onions.  Hot hearty protein!

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