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October 11, 2014 Saturday

I was leaving my mother’s place after a troubling visit.  She was in a lot of pain and I felt helpless about how to fix that.  I needed something good to happen.  I decided to text Kris.  I had not seen him in two weeks, and only heard from him once in that time (when I decided to swallow my pride and text him).  

2:56 pm Me
Hiya hot stuff!  How it going with you this rainy day?
There was no answer.  *sigh  I had to assume he was busy working, as he always is on a Saturday, and not listening to his phone.  Or perhaps he is on a date with one of the “good Christian women” he’s been finding on Christian Mingles?  *sigh 
I ran errands and went home.  I considered taking a nap, but ended up sitting at my desk, working on my blog.  
Finally, I got an answer!  
5:21 pm Kris
Started really rainy then turned out nice, went for ride. back home. time to make the donuts (work) AGAIN. Arrrggghhh!
5:22 pm Me 
Wanna work on my sofa?  Hubby’s off to a party. 
5:33 pm Kris
Nor sure – only if the demure lady could keep Sassy at bay. really not fair to u….what u really want is sex. I understand but can’t do
[Great!  He’s in the “no sex” loop again.  Grrr…. ]
5:34 pm Me
I want your company.  I want to know what’s up with you.
6:06 pm Kris
by time I got there, work only and have to leave by 11:00 am tomorrow if spent nite. not much time to talk
6:07 pm Me
Whatever you think.  You know I take what I can get.  🙂
6:31 pm Kris
u make me feel guilty and bad. u deserve better. won’t be able to do any real talking, just work till midnite. need to park bike inside. eta 7:45 if u want me to
6:34 pm Me
Come on down!  I have soup!  And grapes.  🙂
6:48 pm Kris
7:36 pm Kris
eta 8:30
8:34 pm Kris 
His motorcycle and the music he had on were so loud, I heard him passing in front of my condo building five floors up with the windows closed!  Ha!  I was already in the elevator when he texted that he’d arrived, and opened to garage door before he had a chance to get off the bike!  He rolled into my parking space, dismounted and gave me a long hug.  I resigned myself to that being most of our physical contact.  
He took off the leathers and stowed them, grabbed his laptop and we went to the elevator.  He asked about my mother.  There was another couple in the elevator, so we just chatted along. 
We went inside and he set right up on the coffee table, plugging in his laptop.  He forgets to eat, so I always have snacks on hand to tempt him.  I handed him a bag of Cheetos crunchy cheese doodles to munch on, then offered him a choice of soups, and he picked the Progresso Italian Wedding soup.  I warmed it up for him in the microwave.  I offered him a soda or water  and he asked for coffee.  I pulled his mug and instant coffee down from the top shelf and fixed that in the microwave.  I turned on his favorite radio station. He sat on the sofa, working along, happily munching and slurping soup and coffee. 
I sat at my desk, working on my blog and typing bon mot, chatting with the lovely cheating ladies online on a Saturday night from all over the U.S. and Canada!  I wrote to Philip, asking him how to get Kris into my arms.  I told him I was thinking of taking off my sweater.  He said that would get his attention!  
Kris would look up every now and then, tell me some news from his life.  I’d listen, ask a couple of questions, then go quiet to encourage him to finish his work.  
Hubby got home about 11:15 pm and ordered a pizza.  We helped him finish it off. 
Finally midnight rolled around and he had to stop work.  I went over to sit next to him on the sofa.  He asked if I wanted to get a room!  Like…right now!  Wow… his definition of “no sex” is fascinating!  I thought about it, but decided it was a bad idea.  I said it wasn’t worth the money.  That it was late and we should save our pennies for a time when we could make the best use of it.  I felt like an idiot for turning down a chance to sleep with him wrapped around me, but it didn’t seem right with him so conflicted.  He put his head in my lap and we listened to music and talked. 
He told me stories of his Christian ladies.  He has said goodbye to “the little old lady who lived in a shoe” and is tied up with 20 different children.  She is fun but he can’t see inserting himself into that life.  
He also decided not to continue romancing the motorcycle mama, but asked to stay her friends and ride with her sometimes.  She thought that was a great idea!  He said he didn’t think he has ever had a female friend to just have fun with, and this could be a fun new thing for him. 
He told me about discussing sex with another of his ladies.  I got the answer to who had been occupying his time.  He told me he had seen her three times this week, including lunch today.  They have kissed and hugged in a sexy way but nothing more, though they are talking about having sex before marriage as a good way to know if they’re compatible.  She cheated on her husband, and is living with the man she was cheating with but wants to get away from him.  So now she is looking to cheat on him with Kris!  I told him not to expect fidelity from this one.  And she confirms what I had told him to expect – not all these women are going to be demure, holy people, just as he is not completely that way.  
He told me he had told her about me.  I asked what he’d said.  He explained that we’d had an affair that ended his marriage, that he had been “trying to say goodbye but couldn’t because I am the nicest woman he has ever met and put up with all his crap.”  He said he had admitted to having had sex with me less than two weeks ago, and that’s why he needs to stop, so he can say with integrity that he is not having sex with anyone else.  
I told him we did not have sex two weeks ago.  He looked startled.  I said, “You got a very sassy blow job in Rhode Island.  Which was fun for me.  But there was no sex.”  
He looked even more startled.  “So you got… no action.”  
“Didn’t we do something in the morning?” 
“You paid for everything and got…nothing.”  I stared back. It looked as if he had not realized how that all turned out.  He did get how unfair that was.  I could see the changes in his face as he processed that.  I was thinking, “You worked Saturday night and wrote email to your wife in the morning,” but I decided not to say it – he had already gotten the message.  I was pleased that I managed to find a way to stick up for myself without being whiny or mean. 
“I did get two wonderful meals holding your hand, and a walk on the pier at sunset, and lying in your lap on the beach…” I listed the beautiful memories I had of our time in RI.   “Those are things I can not do with Hubby.”  He nodded and returned to the topic of telling his new lady about me, saying he was being careful.  
I asked him to be sure not to give away personal info about me and he told me not to worry – he has learned from his mistakes.  He told me he thought he had ticked her off – he read me her texts and his… he had been texting her while sitting on my couch!  There is no end to daggers he sticks in me… the attention he pays to other things while he’s with me… women and work and… grrrr!  Too busy to talk to me but plenty of time to text her?!  That was it… I had to get away from him before I told him off.  
I got up to go to bed and turned to kiss him gently on the forehead.  He grabbed me, kissing me hard.  I melted!  I am so starved to be touched!  I put his hand on my breast.  He pulled me back down and started tracing his finger down into my pants. I got up and went to talk to Hubby, asking him if he could stay up another hour or so, so Kris and I could have some bedroom time.  It’s not unusual for him to be up this late or later.  He agreed cheerfully, said he would kill more monsters in his video game! 
So at 1:30 am I took Kris by the hand and led him to my bedroom, closing the door.  We sprawled on the bed and he went right to work on my clit!  He pushed me and pushed me, but it was not happening.  I took off my sweater and bra, and his mouth landed on my right nipple, sucking and biting.  Still not happening. 
I did something I rarely do… I forgot about him, about making noises or moving to please him.  I went quiet and went away in my mind to a total fantasy – a camp fire, a man getting me to undress in front of our friends, showing them my body and what happens when he touches different parts!  I don’t know where that came from… and I am not an exhibitionist, but it set me off.  So naughty… that did it!  I soared!  
I asked if he’d like me to take care of him now?  He said no… tonight was all about me.  I realized it was to give me something for the missed opportunity in RI, but in a way that he could still tell his lady he had not had sex with me.  He went back to playing with my breast and rubbing my clit again but I stopped him…. too sensitive and getting sore.  It was 3 am by then, time to stop taking advantage of Hubby’s generosity.  So I kissed Kris hard one more time and sent him off to the sofa.  I drifted off to sleep smiling.  *sigh 

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