October 4, 2014 Saturday


Hiya kid!  Picking up eggplant pasta for Mom. She doesn’t feel like going out today. : (
I’m running errands for Mom – she pulled a rib and can’t move much.  Hope you’re having a super Saturday!

1:28pm Philip
[photo of Philip along a river somewhere, smoking a cigar and smiling]
1:28pm Philip
I’m doing ok.  My Mom pulled a shoulder muscle. Hope your Mom feels better!

3:10pm Philip

Fun band, sitting on the river, it ain’t bad
Looks beautiful!  It’s dreary here today – 50s, drizzle.  

Why do you have to look so handsome?!  You make me tingle!
4:38pm Philip
Handsome is never a term I would use but thank you
8:35pm Philip
[photo of Philip smiling at me without his glasses]
8:35pm Philip
[photo of Philip smiling at me with his glasses]
8:35pm Philip
Just me
Oh my!  Why do these photos make me want… you… so bad!  Mmm

9:27pm Philip
Just me

Mom wore me out!  I took a long nap… dreamed I ran an office where the women wore business clothes and the men were all naked!

You watching baseball?
Car insurance question.  I scraped my car against the concrete post in the garage.  Before when I crunched the mini-van, they sent me to a dealer who did both the appraisal and the repair.  Now they say my dealer isn’t on their list anymore for appraisals.  They want me to go to some auto body place for the appraisal, and I can also have it repaired there or take it wherever else I want but they’ll only pay the appraisal amount.  Should I go with their place?  Or just get the appraisal there and go to the  dealer for repair?

10:35pm Philip
I used a body place last time. They did good work. Matched the color perfectly. Should not be much more at the dealer. Make sure they are using your model parts and paint. Should be fine

Okay.  Thanks!  Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t making some big goof.  I know zilch about this stuff.

10:37pm Philip
No worries


It’s weird – they don’t offer anywhere in my city, the city next door, or even where Mom is.  I have to schlepp into Boston to a seedy part of town or 15 mi out into the burbs.

10:38pm Philip
Huh, shitty insurance

It’s “the big one” that everyone uses… strange.  Got it thru a lady at church.

10:40pm Philip

Well, must just be one of those things

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