Meet #36 Rhode Island Roads

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Me: Good morning! It’s a beautiful morning and I am smiling because… I get to be with you! And show you beautiful places! I will pay. You paid for last weekend – I will get this. 7:36 AM
Me: I have taken care of everything. We have a 4:30 pm reservation at The Boat House (latest available) and a hotel reservation at the Comfort Inn in Warwick. Finding a hotel was a bear! Must be “something going on down there.” 7:40 AM
Me: My plan is dinner, strolling around there at sunset, hotel tonight. Then tomorrow – lunch in Bristol on the water, drive to Little Compton, South Beach for a little while, stop by the candy outlet. I need to be home by 5:00 pm – sister hosting dinner for NC cousin. Any questions? So excited! 7:44 AM
Kris: Wow! Thank u! Tell the truth about the bike.  “just couldn’t deal with it.  one weekend of terror was enough? (You can wait till I see u to answer. I expect a typical “really long pause” while u think to yourself, “How do I say this in a nice way?”).  Back to work.  ugh! 7:48 AM
Me: I want to drive this time! And I want you to relax and not worry about me or money… look at the wonderful scenery or my boobs and get a real break! So finish that work and come here! I’m off to Mom’s! 9:43 AM
Me: Oh! Please bring your GPS if possible. 🙂 9:44 AM
Kris: ok.  I have to go borrow money from my mother first.  hate it.  will do as much work as I can…but will have some left to finish later…but hopefully not too much.  thanks for treating.  will bring gps.  see u at 2 10:35 AM
Me: ETA? trying to gauge when to leave my Mom’s. 1:29 PM
Kris: here 1:49 PM
Me: Shoot! I’m just leaving Mom’s. Be there in 20 min. 1:52 PM
Kris: no problem.  going to Dunkin Donuts to wait…ping when home…take your time.  I’m early once in a hundred times.  don’t want to make a habit if it.   ;). Alfalfa 1:55 PM
Me: 🙂 1:55 PM
Me: Almost home. Meet me at the garage? 2:11 PM
Kris: k 2:13 PM
Me: Here 2:19 PM

Kris met me here at 2:15 pm.  He was actually early today!  I drove my car and we took off down Rte 93 to 24 so I could show him my favorite spots in RI.  We made a quick pit stop in Mansfield at a Dunkin Donuts/convenience store, then another quick stop at the Sky Beverage General Store in Fall River to get Jelly Belly jelly beans!  I adore their movie popcorn flavor.  We rolled into the Boat House Restaurant at 4:31 pm for a 4:30 reservation.  Whee! 
We had a fantastic bay front window table away from the bar… the best seat I’ve ever had there!  We had a server named Crystal who was lovely and helpful.  
He had the clam chowder, shared the mixed local field greens salad with me, then tried the fisherman’s stew and finished with cup of black coffee and the pistachio gelato.  I had the Hall of Fame corn chowder, the mixed field greens, the baked stuffed lobster (the stuffing was gloppy and inedible but the lobster was the sweetest I’ve had in a long time).  I finished with a hot chocolate and the mixed berry sorbet.  Here’s the view of Mount Hope Bay from our table: 

We strolled out the pier and watched the sunset.  It was such a beautiful night!  The Boat House looked so cool from the water.  Of course, my phone camera died just as I would have taken a photo!  Grrr… 
I drove over to Warwick (about 30 minutes away).  He spent the entire time talking on the phone!  I should have been miffed but it was fascinating to hear his part of the discussion.  I got to where we were going but could not find the hotel! I had to stop and admit I was lost and get him to hang up and help me.  Ugh.  We found the Comfort Inn near the airport. It is next to the Bertucci’s but set back from the street. 
Unfortunately, their computer system was down and they were trying to check people in by hand, and not keeping track of which rooms they had assigned.  I’ve never seen anything like this!  It felt like a plot to keep me out of his arms.  A trio of college kids came back the 5th time saying they had been given keys to rooms that already had people in them!  I waited forever to check in – like 45 minutes!  We were given a room with someone in it.  Ugh.  We went back down to get another room.  That worked.  We were in #352, which was quite nice!  
I went to get ice.  He settled in to finish his work, while I sprawled on the bed and read my phone, chatted on IRC for a bit.  Two of my favorite pals were around.  I munched on a Ritter whole hazelnut chocolate bar.  Kris dug into the Jelly Belly jelly beans.  
He came over once to cuddle about 10 pm, but I made him get up pretty quickly and continue. 
He finally got done working about 12:10 am and crawled into bed.  He played with my clit for awhile, then I got out all the toys and did a combo of toys in his ass and on his balls while I sucked on him!  Whee!  
I am a little miffed that I get a few minutes of the same old clit flicking, and he gets a very special sassy BJ with toys.  Ah well… 
I feel asleep about 1:15 am with him wrapped around me.  So good…

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