Meet #33 My First Ride

Friday, September 19, 2014
Kris: only 42 degrees at my house at 6:30 this morning.  brrrrrr! dress very warmly.  may have to take highways a little more than originally planned.  for sake of time.  still take some scenic roads.  but don’t want to be riding too late.  gets dark earlier and temps go down even more.   6:45 AM
Kris: so dress really warmly!  see u at 2:30 sharp! 6:46 AM
Kris: and btw – you’re going to be fine.  no need to worry or be scared (easy for me to say…right?) 😉  6:47 AM
Me: Good morning hot stuff! Only 44 here! I’m digging out my flannel! 7:24 AM
Kris: 🙂 7:46 AM
Kris: in the interest of time I think we’ll take the highway all the way up 128 to 95 then start taking seacoast roads from Seabrook, NH (where I can take my helmet off and “live free or die”!).  so I’ll depend on u for the best way out of city to 128 (93? or Rte 1?).   10:40 AM
Kris: actually.  it looks like Rte 1 directly to 95.  not either 93 or 128 at all.  is that right? 10:42 AM
Kris: or 93 to 128 to 95.  I’ll let u tell me which is bettah! 🙂 10:43 AM
Me: It will be my pleasure to guide you. Your plan sounds great! Address for restaurant is Barnacle Billy’s, 70 Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, ME 11:08 AM
Kris: k.  thanks! 11:11 AM
Kris: eta 3:00.  just leaving now.  think I got everything.  rock n roll baby! Who hooo!!! 1:59 PM
The man is so fickle!  Last week Kris left me hanging for days after his meeting with his wife and their pastor when I had told him I’d be on the edge of my seat waiting to hear.  Grrr.  Then said he wanted to have a “last face-to-face” discussion so he could say good bye again.  I had the feeling he was busy dating “potential wives” but only telling me a little about that now and then.  He missed my birthday except for a short text.  I ignored him, didn’t answer when he asked when I could see him.  I wanted to say, “Quit all this drama.  We’re friends. Contact me when you want, don’t when you don’t and let’s just coast along.”  I hate being treated like a bad habit he is trying to get over.  
So this week he invited me to go to Maine with him!  Mr Flip-flop!  
He insisted that I get over my fears and ride his motorcycle.  I gave in and then spent 3 days agonizing about it.  Philip encouraged me, said it would be fun!  Hubby pitched a fit, going on about all the risks and blah blah.  NOT HELPING!
We spent all week discussing options, making plans.  He is fun to plan with!  When Hubby and I travel, I make all the arrangements, so it’s nice to have a man who will share the planning.  We had talked about me showing him my favorite places in either RI or Gloucester.  He decided he wanted to go to Maine so he wouldn’t have to wear a helmet.  He said Friday was going to be too cold to ride (in the 50s) so we should go Saturday.  He booked a room in Bar Harbor for Saturday night and asked how early he could pick me up Saturday morning.  He said he needed to be home by 1 pm Sunday.  I told him I could skip going to Mom’s and he could appear at 9 am.  He wrote back saying Bar Harbor was too far for a one-day trip, could I bundle up and he’d pick me up Friday afternoon and we’d go to Old Orchard Beach (about 2 hrs from here, with 4 more hours to Bar Harbor Saturday).  And could I leave work early?  I had a 1 pm lunch date with my old boss, so I told him 2:30 pm.  That time was the latest we could leave and avoid rush hour. 
At 2 pm he texted saying he was leaving home – it’s a hour drive.  I was worried we’d hit rush hour traffic.  Why can’t he ever be on time?!  I went outside at 3 pm.  He showed up about 3:15 pm.  He strapped my duffle to the bag and I got on the motorcycle!  It was equal parts terrifying, freezing and boring!  
The riding itself is not bad – just hold on for dear life and keep my head down.  But it was SO COLD!  I had on flannel shirt and pants, winter jacket, gloves, scarf and helmet.  Still cold.  And I don’t get cold easily!  
We sat in traffic… took us 90 minutes to do the usual 30-minutes to the highway thing.  He zoomed up 95.  The highway is not  fun… just cling to him for dear life, wind whipping all around… boring, stuck with my own thoughts and the music on the speakers.  
He got off onto local roads and cruised along the ocean from Seabrook NH north.  That was better.  There was no one on the roads so we could roll along, see the ocean scenery.  As it got dark, he hopped back on the highway and we got to dinner about 7 pm.  I was completely frozen! 
It is fascinating to jump into the “motorcycle world.”  Bikers have a special signal they give each other as they pass, and people talk to you at rest stops and even roll down their window in traffic to admire the bike and chit chat about destinations.  As a long time New Englander, it is quite startling!  A group of women in a parking lot in Maine told me I was brave to ride in the cold weather, that he should get a heated side car for me.  I told them he was hot enough to keep me warm!  They are guffawed and he blushed and smiled, whispered, “I love it when you let Sassy out to play.”  Silly fun. 
We had a wonderful dinner at Barnacle Billy’s etc in Ogunquit, warmed up, talked and laughed.  He thought I was a great sport to ride the bike.  I had their hot chocolate to warm up.  Then I was decadent, ordered the lobster stew (like clam chowder only filled with huge chunks of lobster instead of clams), we shared the scallops wrapped in bacon with maple syrup, and I had the lobster saute – big chunks of lobster in butter! 
We rolled on for about hour to Old Orchard Beach.  That ride was beastly, with the temps down in the low 40s, dark.  I closed my eyes and prayed for it to over.  Bleh.  
He had booked a great, inexpensive, clean motel right on the main drag right across the street from the ocean.  We sat on the bed, munching on the Jelly Belly jelly beans and Lindt hazelnut chocolates I brought.  I showed him my new toys – the souped-up rabbit “Wild G” and the little black rubber butt plug.  
I admitted I could not face another long day on the bike to get to Bar Harbor.  It’s okay as a “way to get there” but I can’t see myself enjoying it for the ride, other than it makes him happy.  I asked if we could just stay in Old Orchard Beach, or head elsewhere closer.  We decided to decide in the morning. 
We helped each other undress, kissing and touching, then collapsed into bed to cuddle and warm up.  He is such a good cuddler!   He pounced on me, doing his usual “play with my clit and then come up from underneath to penetrate and pound.”  I was a little disappointed we didn’t try anything special, but it had been a long day.  We nodded off right after midnight.  At least there was some action!  
After years of being miles apart from the man next to me in a king size bed, it is such a treat to be wrapped around each other in a double bed!

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