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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Kris: Friday is supposed to be sunny but on the cool side.  high of only 60.  little cool on bike. Saturday supposed to be warmer.  high of 70. maybe leave Saturday.  spend night someplace.  but would need to bring you home by 1:00 on Sunday.  I have to be home Sunday by 2:30.  Also, as far as where we go, would you be interested in seacoast ride thru NH into southern ME instead of R.I. or Gloucester?.  .Part of reason is helmuts.  only one really fits both of us.  I wouldn’t have to wear in NH or ME.  you could wear mine…didn’t that fit when u tried it on?  I know the full helmet with shield was too small for u and it’s tight on me. 1:30 PM
Me: Sounds great! 1:53 PM
Kris: Ok to have u back by 1:00 on Sunday? 1:57 PM
Kris: still need to have lunch with mom on Saturday.  leave after that? and finally, can u split costs?  don’t want to stress u out but money’s really tight lately.   2:09 PM
Me: Sounds fine – timing, paying. 2:11 PM
Kris: Ok.  great!.  I’ll find place to stay. tell me pick up time on Sat.  I’ll make every effort to be on time. (for a change)! 2:16 PM
Me: What time is good Saturday? Want to have lunch with Mom or no? 2:28 PM
Kris: Any time Saturday is fine. Wouldn’t mind having lunch with mom…but would feel funny not paying for everyone since we kidded about that last time. But can’t afford to. 3:46 PM
Me: I can get out of lunch with Mom. With you on your bike it doesn’t quite work anyway. I’ll do her pills tonight and can be ready anytime you say on Saturday. This is going to be so fun! 4:27 PM
Kris: You’re a great sport! You will be safe.  but wear a diaper just in case (you shit your pants).  .JUST KIDDING!  shopping for place to stay.  will let u know pick up time later.  Persistent Alfalfa 😉 4:53 PM
Kris: The place I want to stay only has one room left.  two double beds.  can you live with “enough room to have sex.  cuddle a little”.  but then I’d move to other bed to actually sleep.  …or would you rather I find other place with queen bed? 6:01 PM
Me: Whatever you think. Maybe call hotel for q room? Sometimes they have rooms they don’t offer online. 6:06 PM
Kris: Did call.  I’ll keep looking.  sounds like you’d prefer queen…me too.  found Ramada marked down from 169 to 116.   125 with tax.   63 each. That too much? can find cheaper.  but Ramada nice place. Open to what you’d like.  budget.  let me know.  don’t be shy 😉 6:13 PM
Kris: Changed mind.  going with Hotwire.  $79 total.   40 each.  won’t know exact hotel till after I book.  so little gamble. but had good luck in past.  so “pulling trigger”.  will let u know shortly “what we got” for 79 bucks!   🙂 6:26 PM
Kris: Nope.  still searching.  didn’t guarantee bed size.  I’ll find something! 6:32 PM
Kris: Ok! Done! King bed with ocean view.  Sea Breeze Motel.  Bar Harbor, ME… 99! Put your big girl panties on.  you’re going for a gorgeous but LONG motorcycle ride with a nice man who will go slow and make sure you are safe. Give me the earliest time possible to pick you up on Saturday. I’ll be there…and on time! I’m excited! (No not like that…but we’ll work on that too. Don’t forget toys this time. 😉 6:55 PM
Me: Wow! 9 am? 7:01 PM
Kris: Ok.  but I think I acted a little impulsively. it’s awfully far for one day trip.  and really didn’t want to be on highway. if I pay for another night.  could you leave work early Friday.  spend Friday night in Portland, head to Bar Harbor Saturday morning. Plus, you get two chances for poor to fair sex instead of just one. Your contribution for room stays at 50.  my mistake/poor planning. Can’t cancel Saturday room in Bar Harbor.  online non-cancel deal. Watcha think? 7:10 PM
Me: Sure. I have a lunch meeting, could leave by 2:30? Or cancel lunch if you need earlier. 7:12 PM
Kris: 2:30 would be early enough.  at your place? would we avoid Friday rush hour at 2:30? 7:15 PM
Kris: Fri nite staying at Grand Beach Inn, Old Orchard Beach.  Hotwire deal for only 62.69.  decent place for price.  don’t know what size beds.  can see at: 7:59 PM
Me: Those hotels look wonderful! Thank you ever so much for dealing with all that. 9:07 PM
Kris: I actually think it’s fun…you’re welcome! Pick u up at your condo at 2:30? Think we’ll miss Fri rush hour traffic? 9:26 PM
Me: Can you pick me up at work instead? 9:29 PM
Kris: Sure.  will u be able to bring everything? Don’t let the toys fall out of the bag at your desk. Picture your evil boss holding one up asking, “What’s this little silver ball with a cord and switch for?” And you say, “This AM guy’s trying to convert me to a clit girl…still prefer a good hard fucking…but the little ball feels amazingly good!” You can see yourself having that conversation… right? LOL 9:41 PM
Me: Plan to have just my duffle. Can you strap that on the bike somehow? You are a bad bad man… I like that. 9:46 PM
Kris: It will fit easily inside the tour pack (compartment behind the seat).  or some can go in side “bags”…no problem…2:30 then? What’s the address? 9:50 PM
Me: [my work address] 9:52 PM
Kris: Dress very warmly.  winter jacket.  gloves.  scarf.  think “70 mph wind chill” (not directly…cuz windshield/faring/behind me will shelter you).  but can get chilly.  especially Friday when temps are low. 9:56 PM
Kris: Could u look for a restaurant to stop at on the way Friday night, someplace near Wells, Kennebunk or Kennebunkport.  where we should be around 6:30-7.  if that’s not too long to wait. Or a little south of there, like Ogunquit.  thanks! 12:16 AM

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