Postponing The Talk

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Kris: Free for a visit tonite? No sex – need to talk. Dating potential wives, then what? Remarry and keep cheating? Can’t do it. U know me…I can’t do “ex-affair partner turned ‘just friend’ either. Tried that already, didn’t work. Plus, Sassy won’t accept that crap…and real you can only restrain her up to a point. It’s not fair to u. So if not tonite, some night soon, to talk. 12:36 PM

Kris: I know this isn’t a talk u want to have. I don’t, but u mean too much to me to do it some other way.  When it’s a good time/day/evening let me know.  You have already done some work in letting me go…..just need to talk about when it really happens, much as you don’t want to talk about it and just “live in the moment” 5:03 PM

Me: Sorry – crazy work, just seeing this. What time did you want to meet? 5:04 PM

Kris: Is it a good time tonite….don’t need to rush it. can do some other time if u r tired. just been on my mind a lot lately 5:06 PM

Me: I’m worn out. Let’s work on another night. Thanks! 5:21 PM

Kris: Ok. know. Rest. have a good night. Hug 5:27 PM

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