Pulchritudinous man

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Kris: Seriously conflicted.  feel like I’m setting u up for more pain, when I really cant deal with guilt.  getting very paranoid lately – bad thoughts – losing wife, family, job…MIND. Divorce 2 weeks from today if I agree, which I may want to delay. sex isnt much on my mind right now SASSY!!!!!!! 6:38 PM
Me: Take deep breaths. Don’t worry about me. Hugs. 6:39 PM
Kris: 🙂 u make it hard to let u go. evil woman. 😉 6:46 PM
Me: I’m going to a project event tonight. 6:52 PM
Kris: Have fun! I’m headed to the gym on bike. see if i can turn skinny man into more pulchritude. 😉 6:54 PM
Me: I’m praying for you. Let me know what else I can do to help. Mwah! 6:55 PM
Kris: Ok…thank u.  u r very sweet.  thank u 6:56 PM
Me: You are most welcome! I care about you, you pulchritudinous man! 7:00 PM
Kris: Oh yeah. u can go for a ride on my mindbike! (couldnt resist. evil grin). no woman has been on it yet. u said u like being “the first” – here’s your chance! 7:00 PM
Kris: Pulchritudinous.  u HAD to make that up.  LOL! 7:01 PM
Kris: Meant bike…. Not mindbike (though I’m sure “pretending” would b just fine with u! 🙂 7:03 PM
Me: I did not make up that word! 7:04 PM
Kris: Didnt really think so.  teasing. 😉 7:11 PM
Me: Still mired in imagining your “mindbike” 7:12 PM
Kris: Ur dodging again, Ms. Demure. shame shame 7:14 PM
Me: Dodging? 7:14 PM
Kris: Going for bike ride….try to keep up… 😉 7:15 PM
Me: I’m scared. 7:20 PM
Kris: I know.  cant resist asking.  it’s ok.  gotta go now.  later. Big long hug…light kiss on mouth. 7:23 PM
Me: Relaxing back rub with scratching! 7:24 PM

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