Thursday, August 14, 2014
Good morning! Beautiful cool day here and I have a meet this afternoon! 
Hope you have a great Thursday!

The Lawyer, the first online guy I met, that I see once a year, is visiting me at home.  Think good thoughts for me.

7:51pm Philip

Oh cool!   The Beach Gal got engaged today. I’m happy for her. I guess I saw this coming. 5 months and engaged, wow. I guess that closes the chapter. I hope they live a truly wonderful life. I think I need a drink.


Oh Philip… wow.

I just had a great meet with The Lawyer. : )

7:53pm Philip

Good for you!   I’m glad!

This is odd.  I just saw an announcement that the restaurant where I first met The Lawyer is closing!  No more Dolphin Seafood.  Wow.  It had been there forever.  I hope that’s not a bad omen.


Did she tell you about being engaged?

7:55pm Philip

She has been hiding her posts from me and today she posts the pic of her hand with “he must like it cause he put a ring on it.” All I can do is wish her well.

Oh no. Went for Max public effect


Ugh… that kinda stinks.  Sorry kid.
8:04pm Philip
Kinda her “in your face” style. I can at least move on. Got some great memories and she is apparently happy. I’m ok with that.



8:15pm Philip

No not really but if she’s really happy I’m happy for her. She always said money meant nothing to her. She wanted to be loved and be someone’s one and only.  I’m glad she found that but the guy is suspect in my eyes.

8:20pm Philip

Fred is moving. She found a place close to where she works. I’m curious to see if she is different in a new environment. I bought her a couch as a housewarming gift. She needed one and she can’t afford to buy it. Now she can focus on curtains and that kind of stuff. She was like a kid picking the thing out. Glad I could help out.


You are very generous!  Well… The Beach Gal slept with you married… maybe she will sleep with you married to him?

8:21pm Philip

All I wanted in return was a smile and a hug.

8:26pm Philip

I have no desire for that. She had other guys before me in her marriage, several while with me and there will be others but not me. Her guy is big, not muscular, tattoos on legs and arms and her friends don’t like or trust him. He gets to live in a nice house for free for the price of a cheap ring. I don’t want to fuck her. I love her, I wanted the whole thing. Is what it is. I can’t impact it or change it.


Did you get your smile and hug from Fred?

8:37pm Philip

I did. Took her to dinner after picking out the couch.  Was fun watching how excited she was.  Dropped her off at home, kissed her goodnight and left.

8:52pm Philip

Glad you had a fun night!


It made me miss Kris.. but it was fine
8:53pm Philip
Yeah I hear you.
8:54pm Philip
[photo of Fred’s dog]

8:54pm Philip

[Another photo of Fred’s dog]
That’s our pooch. We got him as a pup. Fred and I. He’s such a pretty boy


8:55pm Philip
He’s a big baby

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