Guessing Game

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Kris: I just spent 20 minutes staring at the send button. Match me in risk – guess what am i going to ask…miss smarty pants? clue: desperate people do desperate things (too easy for a smarty pants) 8:49 PM
Me: The cemetery is already closed.  8:52 PM
Me: You want some grapes? 8:53 PM
Me: Coffee? 8:53 PM
Me: Me? 8:53 PM
Me: I need a clue please. 9:37 PM
Kris: Really!!?? Thai Restaurant. offer u made I called “desperate”.  You’re playing with me. come on. you’re smarter than that. 9:53 PM
Me: Been a long day… 9:54 PM
Kris: still dont know? 9:55 PM
Me: No 9:56 PM
Me: But I want to!! 10:03 PM
Kris: want to what? 10:09 PM
Me: Know what you’re talking about. 🙂 10:09 PM
Kris: if u r tired this guessing game must b annoying…want to sleep on it or want more clues? 10:14 PM
Me: Please tell me! Curious! 10:15 PM
Kris: no. u have to guess. here’s another clue 10:16 PM
Kris: remember sitting at the Thai restaurant in NH? 10:17 PM
Kris: (that’s a yes or no question. 😉 10:18 PM
Me: Yes. Scallops veggies 10:19 PM
Kris: OMG. there’s more to life than sex and food! u asked me a question. u were offering to do something – not because u really wanted to….but because u knew I would like it. I said it was “desperate”. u said there was another way to look at it. I said maybe, but it feels a little desperate. COME ON! or I’m going to need proof u were really that smart. 😉 10:26 PM
Me: Aha. I know now. Take my first ever motorcycle ride on your bike. 10:27 PM
Kris: FINALLY!!! TOOK U LONG ENOUGH!!!!! 😉 10:30 PM

Kris: Hmmmm….. Think about it…let me know…. 11:35 PM

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