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Sunday, July 27, 2014
Good morning kid!  Hope you have fun with wine and the lady.  I’m going to a fundraiser this afternoon.  Here’s to a fun day!

8:37am Phil 
Wine with the lady is Friday. 
Good morning. Enjoy the day!

4:40pm Phil 
Some how while my phone was in my pocket, it sent a friend request to Beach Gal which she accepted. WTF? I would never have sent a friend request because I never thought she would accept. Our entire relationship, things like this kept happening. Just weird but I’m so glad she accepted.


Twilight Zone!

4:44pm Phil 

We got together that way. We both just ended up in the middle of the street at 10 at night and had no clue why we were there. Wow

Trying an Italian place.  Looks like a deli but there’s a big restaurant in there. 

Pasta e fagoli 
Spaghetti and sausage

6:39pm Phil 
Why am I such an insufferable sap?



6:50pm Phil 

I know…….

Cause you’ve seen the tough parts of life so you appreciate the sweet moments all the more?
9:25pm Phil 


Bought a new vibe.  It’s purple.

Wild G-Spot Vibrator – G Spot and clitoral stimulation make this vibrator one of Adam and Eve’s most popular sex toys.

10:35pm Phil 

A rabbit, I’ve used one of those, very effective! Enjoy!


Online friend recommended it so I bought it!  
So hard to know what’s good… too many choices!

Also found a 50% off coupon…

10:38pm Phil 

Those are amazing, you are going to like it, beads roll around and it thrusts while the rabbit does it’s thing


Hoping it will help me out when there aren’t any men around!

10:41pm Phil 

Let me know what you think although it’s much more fun with a partner

Indeed… I’ve had so much fun learning to use them

I heard from the guy who showed up in the worst snowstorm last December with a cucumber.

He is visiting Boston again on Friday, asked me to dinner.

That is perking me up a lot.

10:46pm Phil 

Oh cool!


Maybe he’ll bring a carrot this time?

10:59pm Phil 

Sounds like fun, fresh out of the shower, going to slowly jerk off thinking about that rabbit

: )

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